Thursday, August 12, 2010

Disciples of Infomercials

Loving on Abby, while Abby only has eyes for that waffle...

I know what you're thinking - here she is, blogging away on the days that she has FIVE kids in the house. Strange, right? Adding in a cute baby makes my own more interested in their toys, and in watching her toddle around. Which makes me more able to play online. Why clean, there are FIVE kids here!

Abby's little head is yo-yo-ing back and forth at all the cries of "Abby! Hi Abby! Abby!"

They wish she could stay. Isabella said this morning "Maybe Rachael won't come back from Florida... and we can keep Abby." Never mind Abby's Daddy coming in the afternoon...

My children are baby hounds.

But that is not why I'm here today. I am here today to tell you of the products being expertly marketed on TV. I know they are being expertly marketed because my children have the perfect idea of the products we need to be purchasing. Pay no mind to the fact that almost all of them are cleaning supplies. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

1.Drain Snake. I'm not sure why this appeals to them, but they are sure we need one. I will not buy anything with snake in the title.

2. Foamy Shower Cleaner: Just spray, walk away, then come back later to wipe it clean, Mom!

3. Stain Away Spray: Jadyn: You, like, spray it, walk away, and your counter stains go away!

(seeing a theme here? Spraying and walking away? Magical disappearance of grime?)

4. Retractable deck awning. Has it been a hot summer or what? Any selling of shade is Good.

Small eyes wide with wonder, taking in all that the infomercial has to offer - making believers out of each and every one. I secretly wish it were all true, then I would buy every product, spray them all, and leave for a week.

Returning to a sparkly castle, the stuff that dreams are made of...


  1. Oh yes! The joys of the infomercials... My kids had me take their picture with the Sham-wow guy at the State Fair this year. I don't think they could believe they were actually holding the greatest of all products ever made in their bare hands and were just trying to find a way to remember it always! And I don't know what marketing genious thought to advertise the Atlantis resort on Nickelodeon, but they deserve a raise. If my children have their way, we'll be traveling any day now...

  2. This is a hoot...wonder if they are thinking that the drain snake thing might in some way really be a snake? you know?

  3. Wow - I'm slow, but get to read two posts in a row! SOOOOOO funny, you are!


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