Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winding up, winding down

Winding up for school to start, winding down as summer ends.
Winding up each morning as I squint at the clock, realizing my lazy bones better start moving earlier by next week. (Lazy bones, you say? With kids that get up at the butt crack of dawn? Well. It's all relative...)
Winding down as each day ends, full and complete.

Rachael and I went to see the summer's much-anticipated flick, Eat Pray Love. It was all about eating, praying, and loving. {Shocking! I know!} But I read a review that said Julia R. doesn't do much lovin' in movies because she loves her husband so much. I might well have such emotional or moral obligations too, were I a movie star. But in the case of this particular movie with this particular Spanish actor? Javier Bardem? Well...
Good thing I'm not Julia. Me and my honest penchant for the mature man. I fully enjoyed the movie, which is rare for me, for a movie made from a book.

The Pray part reminded me over and over of my Dad and his band of merry friends. Merry, praying friends who also used phrases like light and love in everyday conversation, and spoke of meditation as though it were every person's daily ritual.
"Namaste" greeted the guru attendant in India.
Namaste, my mind's eye saw on my Dad's bumper.
The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you...
A spark of longing ignited in me, for that inner circle of his friends.
That joyful band of happy spirits.

Some people find their Pray early on.


  1. The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you - I love that, B.
    And I'm with ya on that costar - hubba, hubba! (I didn't see the movie, but read a People magazine during a pedicure. He's married to Penelope Cruz, but you can take her on, B! :D

  2. I cannot wait to see that movie!! Was it a beautiful one?, say...Memoirs of a Geisha, was?
    I hope I get to see it at the theater!! :)That is sweet that your the movie made you think of your dad...
    If you rent Pedro Almodovar movies--JB is in all of them!! more more more!! :)--of course RL might not like these movies (they always give andy a reason to pick on me) hee hee..


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