Friday, July 30, 2010


I have been writing a number of posts that I have not posted. Because upon review, I feel like Goldilocks - ooh, that one's a little too maudlin. Yuck, that one's a bit self-indulgent. (This term just makes me feel like Simon Cowell .) This one is definitely too pointless! Just excuse my summer brain. Further proof that I am in a moment of dislocation. Which you would know, had I posted those posts.

Please enjoy lovely pictures of my lovely children at Apple Hill. We stopped at Moravian Falls, NC on the way home from Cleveland. I love that place. And I especially love my friends there! In a special coincidence, Tom & Naomi were there visiting - our long-time family friends from Blue Ridge, GA, and the minister that married Rick & I. Old home week! Four uses of the word love in one paragraph - stop my beating heart! Remember, what you repeat becomes true - I love Friday!
Enjoy your weekend...


  1. Love the horse peeking over the fence looking at them! Looks like the kiddos love it there, too!

  2. Bethany,

    Phoenix looks like a little bruiser in these pictures! :)
    I started reading the book you sent me today. This time you WILL get it back, along with a copy of Omnivore's dilemna--(i lent your copy out and it was not returned to me :(} --yes, i still feel guilty about it! That will be my beach book this week! How wonderful would it be to have a little nook to read? ahhh....Oh! I think I have a way to make the money for a nook! :)
    will tell via email.

  3. Bethany,
    how are you bloggy friend?
    andy and i are back from the beach.
    are you getting nervous about sending the princess twins off to the big ole world of kindergarten? I AM!!! AND I WILL BE THERE FOR PETE'S SAKE!!
    another summer o bloggin is winding down, chica! when do y'all start back?


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