Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Last Splash

I'm backing up a few days to share our Last Splash of summer.

We rented a boat last Friday and spent a few hours out on Lake Lanier! For those of you outside of GA, this is a big lake just north of Atlanta, about 20 minutes from our house.

It was relaxing... fun... beautiful... different... all the things that summer's last blast should be. All the components were there: Sun. Heat. Perfect water. Boat. Kids. Tube. Babysitter for Phoenix! I decided to forgo a day of rescuing/wrestling the Phoeney-Phoenster, and instead, sit and enjoy the ride. Like this:

A rare shot of bethanius mommius, seen sitting still without phoenixus goiterus perched on her lap

Jadyn & Cole tubing

Jump, Jady-girl, jump!

Captain Rickey

Float with your feet up, so the electric eels don't get you!

Ah, the humor of parents and kids. We don't want them to be scared exactly, we just want to... spook them! A little! So yes, I swam up and pinched bottoms and may have mentioned the Loch Ness monster... But all in all, not enough to matter. We were certainly nicer parents when it came to tubing. My Dad used to tease that he was going to throw us off by the crab pots, then he would drive all zig-zaggy, trying to fling us off quickly. This would be after all the tales of river creatures, and stories of chasing water moccasins. Nice. It comes naturally, as I heard them teasing each other before I even dared...
But no creatures "got" us and we had a great time. It was so beautiful and serene, humming along in the pontoon. The water was a clear green, and just the right temperature. I didn't realize how much I missed being near the water, in Washington. So many of our days growing up were spent out on the river, at my grandparents. This lake time was a sweet reminder, and a pleasure to share with the kids. A highly recommended outing, and one we hope to enjoy again next summer!


  1. I love the way you smell when you get out of the lake or the river...it is not a good smell in the classic sense of the words good smell, sino it is a earthy/just had a lot of fun good smell. ;).

  2. Look at you, Bathing-Babe! What a fun day to celebrate the end of summer.
    Love your first day post - that little stinker-boy sure knows how to steal the spotlight! :D


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