Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big Day

Today was the day!

The first day of Kindergarten.

The first day of 4th grade.

The first day back to work at Rachael's (for me and Phoenix).

Here's how it went down:

Will you be surprised to learn that all four (excited) children were up and at 'em by 5:30am? Will you be surprised to learn that 3 out of 4 were dressed all the way down to shoes? My kids should find a career that requires early rising and dressing. They will excel at that. Will you be surprised to learn that Jadyn dressed in her new clothes, without complaint? (I was surprised!) (I like to think that it was my warning one month ago, informing her that ragamuffin-ish girls would not be allowed into kindergarten or out of my house. But I know better than that.)

The morning went off without a hitch, the Learlings returned home right on time, and their new teachers were declared "nice." A resounding, confident "nice." I'll take it. Meanwhile Rachael & I took on 6 of the toddler set, for an energetic morning.

We're back to our routine.

Cole (4th), Isabella & Jadyn (K), Phoenix (hambone stinker)


  1. Great pictures! Isabella looks like a model...(like you)

  2. Sweet!
    I love the back to school pictures! :)
    You will have to take one each year in that same spot.

  3. yay! How fun! It's so funny to see all of them wearing shorts because it is already getting cool here!


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