Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boy talk

Cole, achieving his holy grail of snuggling with Phoenix

Hello, these are my boys. I was thinking today that my big boy gets short shrift around here. It's not that he doesn't do anything cute anymore, and certainly not that he doesn't say cute things anymore... if you call sarcasm cute. Which, I do. When it's me. When it's him? I call it mouthy. And we mouth back & forth and as we do so, I think to myself, really? Is there an echo in here? I could swear I was talkin' to myself. I often think of the time my Mom threw a chicken bone at me, from the sink where she was washing dishes. I was clear across the room, wiping the dinner table and nattering on and on at her. She says I'm lucky it was *only* a chicken bone. I say she is a mild-mannered person, so I must have been quite mouthy.

And Cole says I'm not willing to hear his viewpoint. "You're not being reasonable, Mom."

And I say he goes about it too long. "Wrap it up, now!" Gets that from his Daddy, he does. I think... though considering the anecdote above, I'll have to hold judgment.

When Cole turns his attentions to Phoenix, it is a hoot.
"Gimme a hug, Phoenix, c'mon just one hug? Sit with me? Phoenix? Phoenix! I need a hug!"
Mercurial Phoenix rarely deigns to sit and snuggle with Cole, though he is getting more generous with his hugs. So Cole is getting more liberal with his bribes:
"Phoenix... I'll let you hold my DS..."
And Phoenix is getting more dirty with his jokes: "I poop my diaper in your bed, Cole."
How does he know that is asking for a fight? Toddler put-downs are the best.
"You wear diaper, Cole."

How long will these two share a room?

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  1. you have me laughing this AM--Thanks! :)
    Too funny!


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