Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Behind every successful student is a mom who handles oodles of paperwork: approval sheets, dismissal sheets, bus confirmations, affidavits of residency, club joinings, donation requests, PTA surveys, lunch menus, afterschool activities, family night out fundraisers, catalog fundraisers, book sale fundraisers - did I leave anything out? I am really learning to be responsible. Show me a class folder and I will show you a ruthlessly separated pile of papers, destined for the recycle bin. I am so like, responsible. Times three.

And isn't that the point of school?

I am so acing this kindergarten thing.

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  1. ...ahhh..the STRESS! And just forget one little thing...ughh..
    It might be THE THING that earns you the moniker "irresponsible mother" ...
    what are we gonna do???? ;).


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