Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In which I become the driver, or Miss Daisy.

Rick has always teased me for driving cautiously, slowly, ridiculously, whatever. I have always responded that I'm not in a hurry, every outing is not a race, there's no competition, etc. etc. Yesterday my lackadaisical driving style came in handy.

Last night after we got the kids to bed, I headed out for a quick bit of shopping at Kohl's, about 3 miles away. When I came out of the store and got back to the van, I saw Rick's work Blackberry sitting on top of the van. I spun around, poised for an attack (which may or may not have something to do with my recent reading of international espionage books), peered inside of the van for strangers, checked for bombs, and then just stood there.
My mind raced. Top of the list was suspicion that Rick was messing with me, and had driven by and left it there. I know, ridiculous. Who would have stayed with the sleeping kids? And why would he have even done that?
Finally my jaw dropped open. I slowly realized that he must have set it on the car earlier in the day, and that it rode right up there with me, all the way to Kohl's. Two left turns, 5 right turns and 5 stop lights to my parking space. Wow.
I drive like an old lady. (Big kiss to my grandmother! I love old ladies!)
I drove home stunned, and impatient to tell Rick 2 things.
1. He was right all along about my driving,
2. He was darn lucky.
(PS #3. Most likely it was MY infamous luck, not his. Just so you know. But you probably already do, if you know us. But I'll hush, before I jinx my luck.)
I tip-toed to his chair and started in about how he has always told me what a lame driver I am, and then presented the evidence of his Blackberry, describing it's travels.
But it was even worse than I suspected!
He had actually placed it on the rear bumper, when he was unloading the kids stuff out front!
So that is how carefully I mosey around town on my business. Carefully enough that a PDA can hitch a ride on the bumper for 3 miles, 7 turns and 5 stoplights.

Thank you to the kind stranger that found it on the bumper, and put it on top of the car. Close call.

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