Friday, June 5, 2009

flashback friday

*Edited to add - I did not mean to be mysterious! :) My friend Shah has crow tracks on her foot, in honor of her Dad, and she went with me when I got my tattoo. She also lost her Dad when he was 58, and became an especially close friend to me when my Dad was going through his health issues. Today was the anniversary of that day, 2 years ago, when we got pedicures and went to the Inksomnia parlor to ink my infinity for Dad. The picture is from when I finished, and we went out for a beer. A memorable day.


  1. Foot tattoos...I need more clues.
    Was that you who left the third comment on SSB's blog?
    HA! I left one too, but it was number 586 or something. I hope one of us seriously {lucky} would that be?


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