Thursday, June 25, 2009

No way! Just... no Way!

We moved our troupe into the larger room on our second day at the beach. We settled in, got all greased up for the pool, packed the coolers and opened the door to walk out. We were greeted by this, right across the hallway. The very narrow hallway. The only other room in our hallway:

Was it a joke? Were they vampires? Was the concierge crazy? Were they messing with us, watching out the peephole to see our reaction? Because we certainly looked out of our peephole a the slightest sound of a door, trying to catch a glimpse of these Daytime Sleepers.

What I do know is that the room placement on this hallway had to be the most insane decision ever. I contemplated sticking my own sign on our door. My ideas ranged from the vaguely apologetic to the stingingly sarcastic. Were these the people we saw out on the beach at 10pm, combing the shores with their bright xenon flashlights, night after night? The world will never know.

What I do know is that they were gone the day after we moved in. The Daytime Sleepers had chosen another dwelling place, and we were free to bang our way down the hallway, squealing and hollering and feeling fine.



  1. That is crazy! I cannot even believe that sign exists...
    I mean who goes to a beach like that, spends loot on a hotel room, and then sleeps all day?

  2. Ha! I think Landon would be gnawing on the cardboard furniture too! He's obsessed with wires and the floor fans! It's making nuts! And the daytime sleepers... sound more like daydreamers! Get real, people! If you want silence during the day then rent a private house! Okay, I'm getting back down off the soap box. My Dad always told me when I was growing up that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round!
    Okay, I'm down!


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