Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcards from FL - 2

Postcard 2

"I know you guys think this is some kind of great and fun vacation, but there's not even any ice cream!" As proclaimed by Cole, upon receiving "only" cookies and milk for dessert.

We took a surprisingly pleasant, undramatic family walk on the beach yesterday, just before sunset. Rick and I each held a little Phoenix paw, to keep him from dive-bombing in the surf. Fearless Phoenix joins our record of daredevil boys. The girls kept well out of the wet sand, far away from any sort of wet that may... well, may what? is the question. We're not sure what they didn't like. They had a lot of questions about sharks, so somewhere in their little heads, they maybe thought sharks would jump out and grab them. But they walked along anyway, on the crest of dry and wet sand, looking around and avoiding anything that appeared crab-like. Cole had fun digging in the surf for creatures, and carried some crab claws until we began to smell them down-wind.

Today brings 2 special occasions:
Happy Birthday to my Mom, and...
Happy 13th Anniversary to Rick and I! On this day in 1996, we were in Moravian Falls, NC... heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway to have our little mountain-top wedding.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! :)
    And Happy birthday Ms. Gayle.
    We are almost birthday twins!


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