Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Halloo there internetz. I've slacked off lately, but tried to cover it by posting un-labeled pictures and super-cute baby videos. Did it work? Do you really need stories?

The stories are still percolating, it's just my writing time that has shrunk. I've sat down to start 3 different tales, and ended up saving the world. My world, that is. You know. Never let it be said that one knows all the baby tricks! Because as soon as that phrase gets uttered, Baby 4 brings it on.

Me: Quickly clickety-clacking the beginning lines of a post.
Phoenix: Playing quietly behind me, in the kitchen. Only, now he has dashed into this room on his brand-new-super-fast -lunging little legs and grabbed a handful of dirt from the plant, in a blink.
Me: Lunging from my perch in slow motion, yelling No! Phoenix! Stop!
Phoenix: Shoving the dirt in his mouth as fast as he can, and flinging the rest of it around the room.

Cut to the next day.

Me: Quickly (and smugly) clickety-clacking away again on the computer.
Phoenix: Playing quietly behind me, on the other side of the gate I put in the doorway.
Me: Ha! Fixed him!
Phoenix: Stealthily throwing away the kids toys, right into the kitchen trash. Webkinz puppy? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Doll hat? Check.
Me: Well, ahem, at least he's quiet...

You may wonder where the other 3 were during this little interlude, and you'd be wise to do so. Me, I didn't wonder. I knew. And was prepared for the fallout if I could please, oh pretty please have a few stolen moments. Only, it's really not a fair trade, time for mess, considering that I didn't actually finish the post.
And what I got for my troubles?
Three heads full of sand.
Apparently it was hilarious at the time, sand flying, party going on, sandboat a-rocking. But like all hilarious parties, there's always that one party-goer that takes things a little too far and maybe drops his drawers, maybe pukes into the punchbowl, maybe pours buckets of sand all over people's heads.
Freshly washed heads.
And I so wish I had a funny story to give you all in trade.

So that's what is up with all the skimpy posting and mucho photo-ing. Summer.
Let's hope I get a chance to regale you with the trial of swim lesson, because boy oh boy! What a treat! I wish every week was swim lesson week!
To be continued....

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  1. Are you hanging in there?
    Today is the last day of work!!! yay!! I am so excited that I am not doing anything productive. oops...
    I bet you are running your buns off chasing after kiddies, no?


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