Thursday, June 4, 2009

just looking out the window

Today I just looked out the window. For 20 minutes. I sipped hot, fresh coffee and looked out the window at the rain. And wondered when the last time was that I just sat and sipped and breathed. And fidgeted a bit at the solitary unfamiliarity. And almost wished for a book, a paper, a magazine, a brochure. But I looked. And I breathed. I listened to nearby conversations between teen-aged boys about customer's quirks.
Was I hiding from the brood? Did I run away from home?
Nope. I made a smart move, want to hear it?

I scheduled a weekly babysitter.

Did you hear that?
Let me repeat myself, and this bit of breaking news.

I scheduled a weekly babysitter!

Something I haven't done since the twins were infants, and my teen-aged neighbor helped out when Rick was gone. Something I needed to do this summer, but had trouble justifying. Something that is making me feel a little bit spoiled, just for having a few hours to myself each week. Something that makes me so thankful for my friend & neighbor. Her daycare kids are back with their teacher mommies now that school is out - and I guess her house felt a little empty, and her toys a little lonely. :)
So now and then, in between kid-free errands and grocery runs and post office stops, I will be stopping to sip coffee and look out windows and do simply nothing.
Not a thing.
It's harder than it sounds.

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  1. yay bethany!!
    That is the best idea. do not feel bad! don't you think women have done this forever? I bet so.
    Every one needs a little time to themselves, lest we go bonkers and act real mean. :)
    I would set the same day each week.
    As a matter of fact, I AM GOING TO SET THE SAME DAY EACH WEEK. :) One time a mom at the pool who was a teacher said she kept her kids in daycare for several weeks each summer so she could have some sanity/clean up the house time.


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