Saturday, June 20, 2009

Postcards from FL

Postcard 1:

The car ride was just fine, to answer question #1. I'm a baby-wrangler. I wrangle babies. Pass toys, drinks, snacks, diversions. Pass them straight on back, everyone take a turn, and no shouting in the car. Phoenix (blessedly) behaved, and only cried a little bit at the very end - and the water was in sight, so we could all stand that bit of fuss. Ah, optimism, thou art my friend!

The kids are wild with excitement. Though clearly there has been too much glamour-life TV watching. Because while Cole pronounced the pool and water slide way cool, the room (the first night it was very small - our suite with a separate bedroom was not ready - so, yeah, 6 people in one room? Not priceless. I would have pretty much paid a price.) anyway, our room was declared "lame." I rolled out the personal childhood experiences of sleeping on the floor and feeling lucky to be AT the beach. And admonishments to stop calling things lame.

And now? Our friendly desk agent, who must have young children himself, called us early to say the suite was ready. Whew. So I am perched on the 5th floor, overlooking the beach and pool, watching Cole slide, and the girls float around. Phoenix is snoozing.

Even though kids are just kids wherever you go, I am enjoying a change of pace and scenery. This may be all you see of me, since I am always behind the camera. But I'm here. Here and happy.



  1. Bethany--how are you bloggin in FL?
    It is funny how the change of place counts as some form of a break??? It does??. Yes.
    Even though sometimes I am tireder after the break.

  2. :) laptop and wireless! Thought I'd need something to do while in the room, since Ph. naps 2x a day...

  3. that was a great idea!
    gotta love the whole day nappin.
    it keeps em happy though.


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