Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the last shall get his First!

My boys have days in the month of May.
May, May, May I please have a birthday?

Why yes, my little pumpkin! You were small, smaller, smallest
And now suddenly you are big, bigger, One.
You have thoughts, emotions, {eek} fits!
You've decided being smallest is certainly the pits.

So welcome to the birthday best
Where we have family fun
On birthdays you become the First
Instead of our last little one...

365. Three hundred sixty five. 3-6-5.
Those were my last thoughts last night, as I fell asleep before the birthday would dawn.
Sounds numerous, right?
365 nights of being awakened by hollering! This child is loud!
Then Rick said "Try 8 years!" And so there we lay, calculating how many nights of fragmented sleep make up 8 years. :) And no one cares but us - and we only care in the twilight before nodding off; incidentally, and perhaps if we were to enter a contest. The badge of bruised-baggage eyes and splintered brains.
By this time one year ago, Phoenix was in my arms after (yet another) precipitous birth and mere moments of waiting. {I promise, this is your last birth story from me for the year!} My labor nurse, herself a veteran nurse and mother of five, was calm and cool. And it's true in certain situations, people say the things you think are scripted only in movies. I insisted the Time Was Upon Us, and she demurred, no, no, it will be a while - then I guess she caught sight of Phoenix waving at her. She hurriedly said "Be still and keep your legs closed while I get Dr. McKinney!"
And 15 minutes later...

Phoenix Alexander, born May 12, 2008; 8lbs 10oz.

The youngest, the biggest, the littlest Lear.
Happy birthday to my last born boy...

Photo credit: the lovely and talented Traci, March 2009.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Congrats on another year, to all of you. ;).


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