Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love at first Wiggle

This may be the first time I've mentioned here just how much Isabella loves The Wiggles. It is a deep, abiding love that over-rides all teasing and ribbing and family attempts to imitate those Wiggly fellows. Wiggle teasing is NOT allowed, and neither is singing by Mommy, or dancing by anyone. Isabella takes her Wiggles seriously. They are not to be ridiculed or taken lightly - they are The Wiggles.

We have many Wiggles videos, a small singing Wiggles car, and 3 Wiggles dolls. (thank you yard sales!) When she was 2, Isabella took the Wiggles video cases to her crib with her. She refused to sleep without her Wiggles case. Next it was the car, quite an uncomfortable bedfellow, and recently the Wiggles dolls. Wiggly Bella cannot be denied.

Until Jadyn comes on the scene.

Jadyn tolerates this Wiggly madness because Isabella is so devoted. But Jadyn does not show the proper respect, and in fact I recently overheard a Wiggles desecration!

There sat Isabella, earnestly watching her guy pals dance and sing.

Behind her sat Jadyn, fervently undressing the Wiggles dolls. Off came the shirts! Down came the pants, which got stuck on the black boots, leaving 3 bare Wiggles, with their wiggly britches around their ankles.
Isabella watched on, making doe-eyes at the screen and doing the hand motions to the dances.
Jadyn began to cackle at the naked Wiggles.
And then I heard her say:

"Here Wiggles! Here's some money for being naked! Save Greg for last 'cause I like him!"

Oh my. Oh my.

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  1. This is hilarious! Isn't it so endearing to watch your children be obsessed with something?
    The wiggles is an interesting one.


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