Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just up the road: a redneck treehouse

This might be a multi-part series for the summer, if I can remember to keep my camera in the car. I am convinced that some of the weirdest, craziest and funniest things to be seen are just up the road. Sometimes just up my road, sometimes in my backyard. Other times, someone else's yard, some other road.
Join me in this search! The inspiration is a little bit redneck. You're up, Susan. Drive down Possum Trail and take a picture. :)
Unfortunately, this tree leafed out really well with all the rain we've had. I'll get a better shot in the fall. Every time I pass this tree, I almost run off the road looking at it. For now, look closely. I give you - Redneck Treehouse. For a sense of scale and height, here is the tree and the trailer.

Look into the tree, just below the power lines, and you will see what is actually a Little Tykes toddler plastic playhouse. It's wedged in there on a branch, with no visible support other than the tree trunk and branch. In the bottom right corner of the picture you can see the top of the trailer. That height along with the power lines gives you an idea of how high this treehouse is. The glimpse of pink is the door.
Wow. I know. We all just got a big boost in the parenting skills department.
Let's take a moment to imagine how they got that house up there, and how long those young'uns played before the flimsy little door flew open. Keep in mind, these playhouses do not have a bottom. I am truly impressed and flabbergasted. With the proximity to busy Hwy 9, I'll bet they had some serious car-bombing water-balloon action going on.

You're welcome.


  1. Bethany,
    this is a great idea!
    I have one too--for a series, which I did not start this week, but I am going to .
    Trailer park tuesday.
    I love trailer parks!! certain ones.
    so, you do the redneck one and I will too, and we can also search out the quaint cute trailer parks in our worlds to comment upon.
    Again, we have to remember to take our cameras! :)

  2. this is still cracking me up! you have to look hard to see the play house...but it is there--that is a huge tree!
    This search thing is going to be fun. :)


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