Monday, May 4, 2009

The birthday weekend has wound down for Cole, and we are all exhausted and content. There's enough cake left for one last nibble, some floor-bound balloons ghosting around, and remnants of ribbon and paper hiding in every corner. Phoenix is in heaven. Everywhere he crawls, there is some forbidden item to gnaw on. Did I throw it all away, immediately? Yes, yes I did. Did 1, 2 3 or 4 children drag it out again? Yes, yes they did.

Yet they are somehow, sometimes, suddenly aware of the resident baby, creeping around:

"Mom, Mom! A choking hazard on the floor!" (And I quote.)
What is funnier than kids speaking grown-up phrases? Not much. And this one is not even my fault. Cole read that on a small toy, and now they are all saying it. Like I haven't said the same durn thing 15,000 times. (Though I grant you, "get your crap off the floor before the baby eats it" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.) But you know, once you read it, from like, an important source, well, that makes it law. Choking hazards, begone!

So we celebrated Cole's Birthday with our "instant party" friends, the Wilson's. Rick named them "instant party" because they have 3 kids, so with all of us it was a crowd. A crowd at the mexican restaurant! What more festive place could we have chosen for dinner? None. It was loud and fast-paced and we tossed down margaritas while the kids did what kids do. All 7 of them. Yee-haw!! I think this should become the birthday tradition. In fact, we are already making plans for Phoenix, since his day is coming next week.

(And for a baby who practically has Jose Cuervo to thank for his existence... well, it seems entirely appropriate to have another mexican celebration. Besides, the singing waiters and the B-day sombrero cannot be beat!)

The Birthday Boy with his gifts and ice cream and the loaned hat

The next day we took Cole to a small, local amusement park, and much running and crazed fun was had there, too. Though the necessary accompanying-adult part made my stomach a little queasy when I had to ride the roller coaster with them, for about the sixth time. Eek. And the little bespectacled Indian boy who kept ramming my car in the bumper car ring really had it in for us - again, for about 6 rounds. I just stayed in the bumper car ring, and each round a different munchkin ran to join me. Rick wisely took baby duty, and smiled at us from the safety of the sideline.

(Looking green on the roller coaster, but holding strong. Who can resist coaster-crazed kids? Look at Cole's eyes.)

Another birthday down, one more next week. Ole!

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  1. Ole indeed!
    I noticed Cole's expression, AND THEN read the line, "notice cole's eyes"
    You're a good birthday hostess! :)


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