Friday, May 29, 2009


OK, so the tally for the week is:

Kids 3, Mom 1.

Meaning, that 3 days the kids had their wild way and won. One day, I kept a handle on things and felt successful. Hah. When the knock-down drag-out fights start at 7am, you know it's gonna be A Day of It. The contenders most often are Cole and Jadyn.

Cole: You're not following The Rules, Jadyn! You are out of my club! (Cole's "rules" for every game are legendary and impossible to remember or follow.)

Jadyn: I don't like you, Cole and your club is not cool to me.

Cole: Roar! Shout! Thunder! (sent to room)

(10 minutes later)

Cole: That's it Jadyn! You can't play with my cars anymore!

Jadyn: I don't like you, Cole and your cars are not cool to me.

Cole: Slap! Yell! Stomp! (sent to room)

Jadyn: Scream! Shriek! (sent to room, shrieking & pounding)

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

At some point in the cycle, as we all know, ye olde monster mommy makes her appearance, threatening and storming and rocking their world. The minions are banished from the kingdom and fed only crackers and water.


I don't need to go on. You either know the scene, have known the scene or will know the scene.

Let me share something you don't know.

Phoenix can walk! Ta-da!

Only, he doesn't know it yet. He cruises along, heading for a destination, takes some steps without holding on, and then realizes whoa! What did I do! And gets down and crawls. While we all shriek and clap and create general proud-parent-and-big-sibling mayhem. Yeah, I know. Whole lotta shrieking going on.
For your enjoyment I have pictures of our usual Friday gathering, at Rachael's (my neighbor and friend) with the kids she and Amy take care of. Every Friday throughout the school year, me and my crew had pizza Friday with "the babies," as Isabella and Jadyn call them. Last Friday was our last big gathering, because all the babies are teacher's kids, and school is out now. We will miss them!

Happy Friday...

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