Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh the irony! Memory loss exposed...

I wrote a post last Sunday on child-induced memory loss. Then I forgot to post it. Oh the irony!

Welcome to the wonderful world of memory loss. Parenting is rife with it! Sooner or later many memories whether sweet or sucky will join the loss pile. I fight that end with this here bloggity blog.

Let me remind myself here and now that one year olds on the move are ravenous. Ravenous to go-go-go-go, crawl-crawl-crawl-crawl, grab-grab-grab-grab and climb-climb-climb-climb. Yes, I did say climb. And with every child it is like the world is created anew.

Did J ever climb this much? No way C could have been this fast. Look at that - he moves at warp-speed. He is the most determined little booger we've had. Did Isabella ever wiggle this much? I can hardly hold him!"

Is any or all of this true? I doubt it. Precocious one year old warp speed wigglers. It is their mission, their calling, their raison d'etre. They do not change, it is our memories that fail. Fail until all 4 of mine become one multi-headed blur of Child. And I can't even give them their due each time for standing out in every particular way. No, each sentence now ends with "Well, it was one of them, I know that."
So that's what I've been up to. The chasing of the boy. The forgetting of the phases. He's grown into the phase of following the girls (or me) around all day, messing with their games. They pick him up and haul him to me and say "Mama, keep him away. He's ruining things." And I pick him right back up, take him back to the playroom and say "Girls, keep him away. He's ruining things." :)

On yet another memory loss note, I seem to have misplaced the date of school ending. And only by luck did I hear the teacher that put the girls in the car last week, as she said...

"Have a great summer!"

What?! I was sure there was one more week, same as public schools! I quickly pulled forward to the next teacher, and asked... and it was true. The school year ended and I still had 2 more planned days of unaccompanied errands to complete. Not to mention how utterly bewildered I would have been today, waiting all alone in the carpool line. For real. Time to get my summer schedule written up.
Here we go, full circle, since I think I remember now why I started this post. One thing that sticks with every mom? The memory of that first birthday. With all of our children, their first taste of cake was on their first birthday. And after a diet of rice cereal and other bland baby bread products, cake was divine! Well mostly.
Oh... pretty fire thingy... (please note my skill at balancing a large fire-topped cupcake in one hand, and a camera in the other. Babies were not harmed in the taking of this picture.)
Wait a minute, this tastes suspiciously... tasty!
I am digging this stuff now!
Here's to ginkgo-laden cups of tea, for the improvement of Le Memory.


  1. Yes. There is a battle with the memory bank. I wonder if when we are old will the ones that stick out--the ones with pictures with them--not fotos, but mental images--will they stay? I write them down and I describe the mental image --in a journal for my babies.
    It is too sweet, to me, to risk it slipping away. :)

  2. I totally know what you mean about the memory loss. I think we as moms just have more to stick in our brains so they just fill up! I keep telling everyone I need more RAM if I'm going to keep learning all these languages and run after three kids!


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