Saturday, December 6, 2008


This is the post where I reward my faithful reader/commenter Susan aka "Dewar" with a post that she will enjoy. It pays to play, folks. It pays to play. (yes, i do actually remember your middle name, because I thought you & L. had the coolest middle names evah.)
I was sorting old photos, hoping to be inspired to work on the Christmas gift calendars for my family... when I came across some golden oldies. I love the photo box. No matter how many times I poke around in there, I am always delighted by some long-forgotten shot.

In this one circa mid-80's-ish, I would be the sassy chick in the red velvet knickers, staring adoringly at... OMG! Yes it is! But back to my knickers. I love-love-loved this outfit when I was 9 and 10. Did I secretly yearn to be an elf? A showgirl? And what was up with putting suspenders on my knickers? Leiderhosen! My mom must have watched The Sound of Music before she made this outfit.

Notice that I am the only student that is dressed in holiday finery, and with special tight braiding of the hair. Everyone else is dressed like usual kids at school. Me? Oh no. Nothing but the best for student A1A. And by A1A, I mean, check out the sticker chart!! My row is a full house, right off the paper! Please raise your hand if you are an academic over-achiever-turned late-night blogger. You'd think my academic dedication would have taken me further. Nope. I still have a bizarre penchant for red velvet and/or crochet. Weird.

But look! Just 2 rows down, You-Know-Who has only 3 stickers. Naughty, naughty boy. Stop teasing me and just ask to borrow my leiderhosen.
And here we have a family reunion shot. Though why we would be wearing what can only be tiny yellow name tags, I have no idea. Because we have all attended these reunions, in the same building, since the beginning of time. And everyone knows the cool kids table needs no name tags. As if.

This year I am sporting the classic jean-on-jean look, and I betcha some loafers on the footsies. My Hardy cousins are in casual chic. At this point, S has not yet met her hubbie-to-be, and so I have not been able to apprise her of his schoolboy antics and merciless teasing. 'Cause that would have really given us something to talk about that day. You know, other than what desserts were the best. And who the acne-ridden new boy was and why was he at our reunion. And why Page was hanging around the cool kids corner.

Yes, it pays to play. You too could be the focus of Borderland fun & games. Any day now... any day.


  1. So that was Danny --Sissy's Danny--with only three stars?
    HA! Those pictures are funny.
    It is fun to pull out the old pics.

  2. Thats awesome...I poked around the old picture boxes at my moms a few weeks ago...Ill have to share some of the faves with you


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