Tuesday, December 2, 2008

With whipped cream and a cherry on top

No... I haven't been cooking up a good time today - I've been reading about the Senate runoff race here in GA! And hoping to cap off a good run with the final death blow. Only GA is still struggling with a step toward the inevitable on-rush of the future. The future that holds change!

“Georgia,” she said, “the eyes of America are on you.” says a NY Times article. Oh Lord. Not again. Last time all eyes were on GA, it was when Rep. Broun of GA was comparing Obama to Hitler a month ago. Eek. We don't need that kind of press, right? Then Saxby rang in with his declaration to oppose President-Elect Obama as he "supports GA values." Let me get this straight Saxby. You're going to run against the wind in this move that is sweeping the nation, a move that created a historical change in America with the election of Barack Obama? And you're going to state that publicly, as though you are a majority? As though hope, courage and vision as upheld by Obama supporters cannot also be GA values? Oh-la-la. Tres backward, my friend. Take a breath of the fresh air coming your way.

It's about time for GA to join the culture of progress and critical thinking, and take a look at who is supposedly defending our values in Washington. And though it may not happen this go-round, the balance has shifted, and the voters want results. You may squeeze in again Saxby, by the skin of your chinny-chin-chin, but you haven't heard the last from the 50% of GA who did not support you. And I have it on good report that many of the ones who have had your back, are none too pleased either. None too pleased, I tell you! :)


  1. Bethany,
    I saw on the national news last night that this guy WON! ACK and sorry!

  2. I know! But it was expected. Such is life in the Red Zone.


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