Monday, December 22, 2008

sweet home

Greetings and Halloo and has the fat man broken into our house to leave toys yet?? Because it is torture by question around here, with 3 children who have Santa calendars asking me all day if today is The Day. It is *almost* enough to make me shout. But I am holding tightly to my holiday spirit in one hand and my holiday beverage in the other!

A peek at our house, from 5pm-11pm and 6am-7am, thanks to my timer - and to the little hands that have FINALLY stopped moving the times around. One day last week it came on from 3pm-4pm, while I was outside raking. Huh?

(This shot was crystal clear on my camera. *Clearly* I should have taken the cuppa cheer out of the other hand, and steadied the camera.

I thought the monkeys wouldn't be curious about my "hidden" (read: behind a pot of pansies) little black timer box.
But I distracted them!

Perry The Penguin!
Thanks Mom. Everyone in the neighborhood that admires him, is told just where he came from. :) This is truly an "I did it for the kids" deal. :)

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