Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Caroling

It's the time... the season... this means lots of school programs and class parties!

Isabella & Jadyn had their preschool Christmas program last week, and it was memorable...

But let me start at the beginning. First, let's get the girlies dressed. I had bought them coordinating outfits, trusting my ability to bribe them both into skirts. Mine are not girly-girls. At all. They refuse to wear skirts and dresses, though they love to twirl in their princess nightgowns.
So, I pulled out their "program outfits" which I had been marketing hard all week, and really talking up. Here we go!

Jadyn, the dark horse, always surprises us. When we expect her to balk, she often antes up and is so cooperative. And she was delighted to get dressed and excited about the program. Whew. One down... one to go (well, make that 6 - the whole crew had to get dressed up. Eek.) - and Isabella was hiding in her room.
"I hate this skirt! I hate this shirt! I hate my program! I want to stay home." Oh Lord. She sounded exactly like an adolescent girl. I laughed and left her to sort herself out. 30 minutes until go time.

Fast forward 20 minutes, 5 down, 1 to go... time to roust Isabella from the playroom. With mild threats. She cries & screams and as I am well-versed in dressing wriggly kicking young'uns, I prevail. And threaten her if she dares take off the clothes. She stalks off to wait in the car, again, with a real 'tude.

Proof, you say? You don't think oh little angelic one can stomp and scream? View it and weep.

A Christmas story in pictures.

Jadyn gets in here twice, for being a good "gorl." Look at that sweet expression. She froze for this picture (a rarity) - knowing she had it all over Isabella. Slightly smirky, and deservedly so. Never think these twins aren't both middle children, vying for attention! This time she got it right - positive attention, cough cough.

3 down, almost time to head out...

But wait! Who is that tearful one at yonder door?

It's princess Bella!
Come on, little one. Time to sing in a huge room, in front of a huge crowd. Have no fear...

But that's a story for next time!

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