Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind and encouraging support of Haven!

It has been exciting to read emails, Facebook responses, and a blog {endorsement} (Hey Susan!).
If you feel the love, and feel so inclined, please leave a comment on Amazon.
Thank you friends!

Otherwise, it is a somewhat normal time here on the border. Only in a bit of hyper-drive, since it is....
Spring Break in Georgia.

I have stocked up the cupboards as a Good Mother would, I have made some plans, but most importantly - Gigee is here to visit. Yes!
I know you haven't heard tales of her in a while, and I will have to ask her if the guinea hen raising is going well. For this week, she will put her willpower to the Lear kid raising. Amen. When Mama visits, we all have something to say. Some of us more than others; some of us louder than others.

That concludes this service announcement, I shall return after Spring Break, if all goes well and I am still standing. Which reminds me - I said to a friend recently "Lord willing and the creek don't rise" and she looked at me as though I were An Alien. When you have to explain it, it is not so appropriate, right? So.
I will return, and Happy Spring Break!

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