Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fever time

It's time again, that fever time. The kids all know it, the kids all feel it. When I walk with my 1st grade reading groups at school, they are all eager like puppies, leaping and jostling and telling me stories. No more quiet, whispered tales. They sashay, skip, leap the cracks, stay on the white tiles, hug the wall and most importantly - do not ever simply walk to the library. (Unless you are Sam. Reliable, constant, controlled Sam.) I tease them, I call them "Dude!" and I tell them to zip their lips. "Let's all do it together, and this time... make it stick! Zip! Dude, I'm here to r-e-a-d!"
It is impossible. Spring is coming. It is coming out their pores and dribbling from their mouths and most of all wiggling through their entire bodies. They are sincere in every way: Sincerely the Best at Reading. Sincerely the best at Basketball. Sincerely the Most Well-Read. Sincerely the Most Bedecked with Jewelry, and they must convince me at every turn of this ultimate standing. Unless of course, they are not the Best and instead are the Quietest. And to the Quietest, I squeeze small shoulders and whisper sweet praise, for being Quiet is an honor all it's own.
My 1st grader watches all of this hullaballoo. My other 1st grader also watches. One claims her place at my side. The other smirks and claims my hand. It is the only time they do not vie for attention. They own it. These are not siblings to compete with, all is well. My 1st grader has grown 3 and a quarter inches in the past year. I look longingly at the small ones; I look wonderingly at the giant one. True to her nature, she is best friends once again with a small one. Small and bossy goes along with gentle giant. My other girl has chosen a chatty one. The listening one goes along with the chattery one.
All is well.
Yet...Out of whack, because remember?
Spring is coming!
Sing cuckoo!


  1. You are so right about this! I get the fever so bad!!! I mean I can barely get the bare minimum done...for all the daydreaming that just overcomes me!


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