Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter tidings

This year we had to let Cole in on the news. He took it well, at first: "I know Santa and the leprechauns are real, but I draw the line at a giant bunny, hopping around the world leaving candy." Rick gave him a thumbs up, and some salve for his emotional wounds and said "You betcha Santa is real! He is more Real then Real!" or some such nonsense designed only to prolong the inevitable. It's quite a predicament we find ourselves in, you see. The boy turns 11 in a few weeks, starts middle school this fall, has been engaged in discussions of impending puberty - and still believes in every magical being to ever walk the earth. I amused my girlfriends by sharing Rick's comments on The Talk: "How do you talk about sex with a kid who still believes in the Easter Bunny??"
Well, mark that one off! Whew! Let it be known, the boy has drawn the line at a giant bunny! Only when forced, sure, but he dug it, folks. He was down with being Big. Riiiight. As long as he got his fair share of chocolate. This topic is to be continued, you know it.

In other news, Spring break will be laid to rest tonight, when we return to a normal bedtime and routine. It was filled with nonstop fun, and I did not wring any necks or make any dire threats. Things are smoothing out! Here are a few shots from Mom's visit, and our tea party, egg-decorating time:

 Of course the Bunnykins china made it's appearance

 My kids are talented... let me show you the artistic randomness...
 Eyelashes anyone??? The Easter sheriff is in town, too!
Phoenix made the hieroglyphic egg-men. 
 Wot? Bethany baked cupcakes? Mark the day!
Gigee and her sweeties

For now, Happy Easter - and may you find a peaceful moment today to reflect. We will take some quiet moments on the Meditation Trail nearby, and enjoy the last day of spring break. 
Meditation Trail with Gigee... 

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  1. Bethany, the most striking thing in this post, to me, what that
    ALL OF A SUDDEN J's face has a big girl look!
    Her looks have totally changed!
    Have you noticed this?


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