Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck o' the Lears

All of this luck could have been yours. The house across the street sat empty for two years, until finally George moved in. Now, he is sitting on a lawn full of luck. Behold, the luck of the Lear children, as they plunder George's clover patch:

 And, my professional natural clover press. Good thing this is not a cooking post! That would not be lucky, not lucky at all my wee friends. Trust that Lucky Rickey had this in his possession well before I came along.
This press cookbook is good for many things, as you can see by the word "supreme" in the title. But it is most often used for clovers. (Maybe there's a recipe in there for them, I wouldn't be surprised.)

Your next question may echo my own: What the heck kind of chemical has been applied to that lawn, to have it produce such massive quantities of mutant multiple-leaf clover? Jadyn & Cole both found FIVE leaf clovers this week, and at that point, I said "Enough! Enough already! This suddenly does not seem lucky anymore! Wash your hands with soap right now!" Or something to that effect, but definitely at that decibel level. 
My next thought: Just wait, a clever and botanically-trained reader, will email me to inform me and my lucky offspring that these are not in fact clovers at all, but some other common weed. I'm ready.

Until then... Happy St. Patty's Day! You would truly be lucky if your yard had my kids pile into it every day looking for these elusive little buggers!


  1. This post made me want to go out and sit in the grass...I have not done that in a while...:)

  2. that's an amazing number of 4-leaf clovers. my mom was always lucky in finding them easily in the grass, but I? not one. ever. I love that you saved and pressed them. happy Spring to you Bethany.


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