Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Boy and His Reward

There once was a boy
who had a weather curl
right on the side of his forehead.
When he was good, he was very, very good
But when he was bad he was horrid.
(couldn't resist that classic!)
The boy would toilet here and there
But most often chose his underwear
The Mommy would plead, then scrape and clean
Promising treats and toys in between
the washing and drying, the scrubbing and spray
The boy made a game of it, most every day

'Til finally, Eureka! 
Success and a cheer!
The boy made his choice
to earn a toy he held dear.
He made his deposit, day after day
Excitedly pleading and ready to play
The Mommy held firm, unsure of her win
She made him prove it, again and again

Then one day, long after the scene of delight
The process was finished, (who knows who won that fight...)
The reward was obtained and presented to the boy
With ceremony, clapping and great sibling joy
I did it! I did it!
He pumped his fist and cheered
And an awesome Buzz Lightyear 
For takeoff was cleared.

(And irony of ironies, Buzz Lightyear says: "Reporting for duty, Ranger!" and the echo we hear: 
"Haha! He said Doody, Ranger!"

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  1. So so so funny. Let it be written (right here) that I despise potty training...AND ONLY HALF OF MY CHILDREN ARE POTTY TRAINED! So hallelujah, I'm so happy for you!


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