Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Mysteries

Sunny monday, sunny Monday, all is well, all is well.
Only wait, it's Tuesday, hey. That's how things are going with me lately. A day late and a dollar short. (Hey Mom!)
We were back to normal, healthy and well today, and for me that meant back to school and my first grade reading duties.
I sat in the media center, in a quiet corner with two girls. One tentatively snuggled into my side, and every now and then would quickly touch my hand. I read on happily, watching her little moves. She finally couldn't hold it in any longer: "It's like you're everybody's mom!"
I grinned at her conspiratorially and said "That's what is fun about this!"
This girl is a bright one, and since the ones I work with are usually in need of help, I don't see her often. But her name came up at our house not long ago...
"Mom? I wanted to tell you that Drew has diabetes, and I want to know what diabetes is," said Jadyn. The word was pronounced in an exaggerated whisper, as though it were one of those Not Nice Names the kids have been asked not to use. It may be the first time that request has been heeded, and it made me giggle. For all the times their voices have rung out in public, and been shushed - a breakthrough!
Kids are born little heathens, and we only can only try to civilize them. With varied results.
Last night was International Night at the school. We raced around the world collecting passport stamps from all the countries represented. I tried some food stuffs that were tasty and/or interesting and/or peculiar. The kids tried all the drinks, which were various sodas from other countries. The pineapple soda from Jamaica was tasty, but the soda from an Amazonian rainforest berry of Brazil - Yum-o. My Lovely Colombian, Brazilian & Indian mom friends were there, representing their countries in traditional dress, and working booths. That's dedication. I wondered to myself, what would I wear for traditional southern American dress? A calico dress? Daisy dukes?
What do you think?
Two things about 1st graders that crack me up:
1. They are always so surprised to see their friends - at a school function. Like, hey! Look! It's so-and-so, can you believe it?
2. They are so excited to see the USA booth. Like, hey! Look! It's our country, we live there! And they even have our flag!
Two mysteries of life that amaze the 7 year old mind.
Let's all have an amazing week, hmm? It's Tuesday, you know...

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