Friday, February 3, 2012

If you give another girl... early pick-up due to "headache," she will want a repeat of what you did with Girl 1 the day before. (how did I see this coming? :))
And do I really need to recount that? No. No I do not.
Let's just go straight to the ice cream part and call it a day.
The warning has been issued: any school clinic calls that I receive had better be accompanied by a fever and/or verifiable illness. (Sure, I said it that nicely!) I mean, it was only 4 days of sick (or WERE they?) kids. Anyone can handle that, and an out-of-town husband! WhatamI a wimp?
Yes I am. (tearfully wailing)
I have administered, in the past 5 days, the appropriate remedy for fever, cough, headache, neck ache, stomach ache, knee ache, bottom ache, hiney ache, thigh ache, ankle ache and one rash ache that should probably be seen by a professional. Seriously.
If it's a-aching, it's in my house. (Only 2 of those were my aches. Nope. Not the knee ache! Guess again!)
Let's move on!

Soon you will see how I channel serenity in the midst of illness-inspired chaos. Soon, I say. Soon! I'm finishing the last of a project. Because when the aches hit, it is not calgon that takes me away. And it is certainly not a bout of cleaning. (Though the lysol does come out by the time the second child is down.)
No, no, I gird my sanity with thoughts of basicgrey craft papers and inspiring rub-ons.
Don't you?! Please, please, calm down, rub-ons are not what you may or may not be thinking. Unless you're thinking a desk, a popsicle stick and some applied pressure. Gotcha! You were thinking that!
These rub-ons say sweet nothings like Dare to dream, Believe in yourself, happiness, cherish and giggle. Too sweet, too sweet, you will see, you will see.
Until then, I bid you adieu, and promise you I will acknowledge Happy Friday with the self-administering of a dose of the appropriate medicine.
Happy Friday kids... now everybody sleep through the night!

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  1. So this means...
    She was dreaming of a day with mom--all night, and then the sun came up and she spotted her opportunity! :) Go Isabella! :)


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