Friday, February 24, 2012

Trickery and such

Yesterday and today, having been preceded by Gray Day, were Color Days. These were days in which I tried to use psychological tricks on myself. Never believe you can't trick yourself! Everybody has some sand for their head, it's just a matter of how deep.
I started by tricking myself into wearing lovely spring colors. You cannot wear a beautiful lavender shirt with silver (not gray!) designs, and cute cap sleeves, and feel that wintry mood.
Nor can you wear hot pink on the following day, and feel out of sorts. Well sure, you can sort of feel sort of out of sorts...
But this is not that post. This is a trick post. Or, a post about using trickery. I'm not even sure which anymore, I've been so misled.
See?? That's what I'm warning you about. Be careful with psychology.
After donning the proper mood-changing clothing, I then went on to shop for a new swimsuit.
I know!! Counter-intuitive, right? I mean, when you're feeling down, the first thing you should do is shop for swimwear, or at least jeans. Yah!
And, while you're shopping for swimwear, be sure you have not had any sort of tanning procedure performed on your skin prior to Shopping Day. You want to dream about how great you will look once you've Gotten Some Color.
Still with me? OK. Next is crucial, in the psychology department.
When the saleslady asks you, humble shopper trying on swimwear in the cold depths of February: "So, are you going on vacation?!?"
Just say yes. Oh yes, yes - that's why I need this SO cute suit on this very day, ma'am.
Never explain the trickery business, and how you are in the midst of fooling your own self, and my it is working because I feel better already! I could be going on vacation, couldn't I! I mean, where would I go? (here's the easy part, this part is just called daydreaming, get some) Just last year I was shopping for the anniversary trip to Puerto Rico, and this year? Well, something may come my way and I will be ready.
The best part of all this business? When you set out to trick yourself into having a great day, you might just end up with the cutest swimsuit you have ever owned.
And that's a trick I can live with.

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  1. bethany,

    there is nothing quite like finding a cute suit! way to perk yourself up! :) yes. I was also thinking...maybe I feel so funky b/c of putting on the same clothes all the time, and then I remembered! Oh! i get to get my spring tub of clothes down {soon} is called drudgery, no? --this is getting into email sized commenting.. i will email you in a bit. :)


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