Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I came to you

I came to you to write a song
from the meatiest part of my heart
(you know that part that dwells on first moments
and proposals and soul-searching glances)
I came to you with memories and words
and plans to mark the date
With all good intent to Be the Romantic Wife!
as glimpsed on a title as I whizzed through the market
and then snorted, smirked and moved on.
Vacillating between corny ideas and Real Winners,
that take more intent and focus than I have to work with.
I came to you with a smile
and the sure knowledge that we were no longer in kansas
as evidenced by a house overrun with small people
From a girl with stars in her eyes
to a woman with stars in her pocket
Now I can come to you simply
as Me.
Rest your eyes on these faces of love, my love.
And I'll come to you with no more words.

the one and only firstborn
don't you hug me
don't you kiss me
we have "boatiques" like daddy!
a daddy and his girl


  1. How beautiful, B. Much love to you on Valentine's Day.

  2. bethany,

    our day started off wild and crazy...and ended on a sweet note, as Valentine's day should. :) no?
    Hope yours was nice too!


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