Monday, February 20, 2012

In my sights

I came across a few things, and thought you might enjoy some of them.
Sometimes I find things in my house that are bemusing, confusing or downright amusing.
Here is a taste of all three.
For example, this obituary, by Isabella
"Nugget Lear, a great Spirt (spirit) Memory of Nugget, Love Isabella"
(Nugget, should you wonder, was a zhu-zhu pet. I cannot attest to the greatness of his Spirt. I can only say that I may have cursed him, when I came across him in the night, while checking on the girls. He *was* a noisy Spirt.)

Next we have stick man. There are actually a few of these. I came across (and by "came across" I mean "tripped over") the first two, tucked in blankets at night, beside the girls' beds. Stick man appears in the darnedest places, and loses limbs with regularity. I may be responsible for a missing stick man or two.

This one I like to call Left Behind: The Apple Series

Someone ate the core and all. What The Crusher can't see, The Crusher can't be held responsible for.

The End.
Happy President's Day!

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