Thursday, February 2, 2012

If you give a girl...

...a pass to stay home with a mild tummy ache, she will want to go to Target.
When you go to Target, she will want to buy some new jeans. And some cute magnets.
If you say yes to the jeans and magnets, she will want to get some angel hair pasta for dinner.
If you say yes to the pasta, she will ask (pleasepleaseplease) for the wuggle pets that are on sale.
If you say okay to the wuggle pets, she will ask for a treat at the checkout. When she has the treat in hand (and mouth), she will feel up to going into Costco with you next.
While you are in Costco, she will want her favorite crab dip (as her tummy is now only aching a little). Once the crab dip is in the cart, she will stop to look at hello kitty swimsuits. She will ask for two of them, but settle for one very cute ruffly one. On the way to the checkout, she will ask for a frozen yogurt (as her tummy is now perfectly fine). Once she has the swimsuit, the crab dip and the frozen yogurt in hand, she will want to go straight home.
And when you keep a girl at home for the day, it costs a lot of money.


  1. Yum...Crab dip...I wish I had a Costco and a Target to go to cure myself when I have a stomach ache!

  2. And also makes a memorable day with mom--that she will never forget! :)


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