Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday review

We have wrapped up two weeks of swim lessons, and it's time for the Friday review. Well, I suppose it has morphed into the Saturday review. I have started 2 posts this week that then went by the wayside. Life interrupted, that's my motto. How many tasks and conversations are begun and never ended? That many.
The highlight of swim lessons for Cole, is the end of each lesson. Two turns jumping off the high dive. Cannonball!
And the respectable splash caught on camera, so he could grin at himself.
This is a Big Deal for Jadyn - jumping off the medium diving board.
(Mommy, I'm scared, but I'm doing it anyway.)
And a Big Deal for Isabella, jumping (stepping, really) off the medium board. Not a word from her, just a resolute look on her little face.
Since the girls were both late bloomers when it comes to swimming, this year was a relief. They didn't flinch at any of the instructions, and both followed the instructor's directions. They are good little swimmers now, and not a tear to be seen. Hallelujah.

Here's your obligatory Phoenix update. He has been practicing his faces.
Sad face...
Scampy face...
Better-watch-out-mommy face.
Monday we head to NC for the grandmother visit, so it's countdown time! Woot, woot!

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  1. We'll be home all week! Tonight elena has a swim meet.
    Wanna get together Wed.?


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