Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catching up

I've been away from my desk this week, kids.
Phoenix was at a VBS camp each morning, and the big kids had swim lessons.
So although I was running around hither and yon, I was doing it with one less child, and some days that makes all the difference. Particularly when it is a Loud Boy Child that has been off-loaded for a few mornings. Now, this year you might note that the VBS class was a legitimate class for 3 year olds, and you may also note that it was NOT at the church where I previously committed an inadvertent VBS felony. Or something.
Speaking of which, can you believe that in a church the size of that one, with SIX entrances and exits, every time I walk in that building I bump into my girls' former teacher, from the vigilante year? It is just weird. Hundreds of people, maybe even a thousand attend there. And each time I see her and wish I could fall through the floor, she grins and waves like we are at a reunion. Good grief.
But never fear, in a metro area such as this there are always other VBS locations that have not heard our fair name, nor met our brood. And Phoenix just tried one out. It will do nicely for next year, just nicely.
In other family news, the big kids are one week into their life lesson of being strong swimmers. Life lessons, that is what the swimming instructor calls them. I picked up on it, and have repeated it every day. Character-building, that is my other term. One can never be TOO good of a swimmer, right? Though after 3 years of lessons, my kids are questioning this. And asking about next year. I remain noncommittal.
See you soon...

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  1. Laugh out loud!! :)
    You know, dear bloggy sista, it's all about
    {forgiveness} :)
    ha! some point we have to
    {throw them off the pier} even if we know that
    is so barbaric!! and we would {never}


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