Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sincerest Form

Here is your flattery shot of the week. Phoenix is bound and determined to Be Like Daddy. I promise Daddy does not own a pink mower. But he does mow without a shirt. And that is classified. Unless you live nearby. He has his own fan club. Kind of not kidding.

Phoenix and Daddy have been working on a project with their "bangers." It will be finished soon, and is very exciting to us. One more piece of our DIY puzzle.
Phoenix also likes to imitate the girls, and on this day has let Jadyn dress him up. Suddenly his surfer cut looked like a bob. Uh-oh. But he still roared and threw things at everyone, so he did not make a very sweet girl. It did not last long. But it makes me giggle.

PS For the friends that felt a little bad for the snake in Birdadette's Birthing - my brother and mother have 4 dogs that live on the land, as well as numerous hens and chicks. Copperhead venom is fatal for many pets, and this was a 3 ft snake, so...
This took place within 10 feet of the house, where my brood will be visiting in 2 weeks, and there are often small children and cousins around the fields. Otherwise? They are very live-and-let-live kind of people. In fact in the midst of telling this story, Mom made it clear that they see plenty of harmless snakes all the time, and they "like" them. This is the woman that found snake eggs and the mama in her mulch pile and moved them elsewhere! No offense intended by the demise... :)


  1. ba ha ha ha ha!! Your apology has been accepted. :)
    J.Kidding!! I have been known to kill a snake...eeekkk...don't want them in the flower beds, waiting to bite the little ones' toesies...esp. a copperhead...
    besides that ..those guineas needed a chance too.

  2. Oh, and I love the girlie hair...what a hoot!!
    AND the being like Daddy...see sometimes their antics are so endearing. :)

  3. aww! I think your hubby should definitely think about getting a pink mower to match! LOL!


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