Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer project(s)

Good morning and a happy Friday to to all...
I have been working on two projects, one big and one small. The small one is something I am taking to my Mom, so it is a surprise. But I will show you one small corner, like those puzzle games, and you will say Oh la la! We had another girls' night out at the painting place...

And this little sweetie will be going to live at Lilliput Cottage with Mom. Admittedly, she is not a guinea hen, but... Mom also has two white hens residing at the farm. They are named Hickadee (thank you Phoenix) and Carlita (thank you Isabella).
As for the large project, it has been my nemesis for a while. I almost wanted to get rid of it, just because it was tired and worn out. But it is so useful, because it holds all of the kids' art supplies, summer workbooks, paper and coloring books. It is part of a dining set that belonged to Rick's aunt: we used the table until it got broken on our 7th move, and we are still using the chairs, though I have painted them black. So it has a history, and just needed some tlc. Summer mojo to the rescue! Add a little inspiration from Nadeau, and the beautiful way they re-vamp older pieces, and voila!

And after...

Have a good weekend!


  1. well that little hen has some really great eyes. I love before and after shots; you did a fantastic job on the buffet!!! aren't you happy you hung onto it? I know the feeling though, of looking at a project for a long time and being overwhelmed by the thought of even beginning it. this was well worth the effort. have a great week Bethany!

  2. Bethany,
    Great job on the revamp!! summer projects are so gratifying, heck, even my brainstorms get me excited. :)


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