Friday, May 6, 2011

Waving goodbye!

This is me, wide-eyed and ecstatic, waving goodbye for the night!
The perk of a traveling husband: free hotel nights earned.
The perk of a crazy-sweet husband: the gift of 24 hours ALONE.
Wot? Me? Alone? Practically the only nights I have spent away from all of my children, are the nights I was in the hospital having more children.
But today my early Mother's Day gift is to leave at noon, and come back tomorrow at noon.
So yours truly will be in Buckhead at Lenox (Atlanta) browsing and just generally lolly-gagging around. ALONE. Let's all say it together!

This is going to be a Real Treat...

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  1. Oh boy, am I jealous! I have been unable to put a finger on what I want or would like to do for Mother's Day, but I think you have nailed it! I have threatened to hide in room for the day but this sounds like so much more fun! Enjoy your 24 hours of freedom and then I hope you enjoy the homecoming to all those sweet babies just as much! Happy Mother's Day!


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