Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flint and Spark

Our dreams are not the same
We thirst for different water
Our hands can clasp only for a moment
Then I must step toward my light
Drink deeply
Inhale courage
and step forward.

Our lives are not a match
Our ways diverge sharply
and yet we can spark -
flicking small lights of inspiration
that can only in times come from
and an uneven meld.
Spark and step away
Light up and retreat:
This can be such
good thing.
BL 5/15/11

I am not the first to find inspiration in conflict or strong emotion. To find my stance only in opposition to another. Some of my clearest writing comes in defense or in personal salvation; in pouring out the rub on paper. I think there is power in recognizing this. Power in knowing that if everything was {roses} there would nothing to light the fires of creativity.
Nothing to flint the sulphur of the soul.
I am learning. Honing my chosen tool and learning what brings it out in force. What causes a smile, a pounding heart, a twisted mouth and the errant tear. I am a diligent student. I am not, however so aware of when the student has completed the course. My husband knows I would be a professional student if it could be allowed... and so he quietly edges me toward the lip of the nest. He provides me with the necessary tools and the proverbial backbone. I am a noodle-like bird - at once al dente, next moment overcooked and sliding to the floor.
I use a lot of words when one good cliche would do the trick.
Pardon my southern french, as I tell my own self:
Sh!t or get off the pot.

Maybe that will be the next segment I will take on this summer, in addition to The Sunday Creative. :) Thank you for listening, as I talk myself through the next turn in this path.
Your comments and emails are always a treat.
Happy Sunday...

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  1. wow Bethany, this is a fantastic post. you had me with the verse, which is beautifully written. "spark and step away, light up and retreat".

    I surely do agree with you about the conflict/contrast and how it gives birth to creativity. Whenever I had a major writing assignment for school it wasn't until I was up against the wall that I could do what I felt was my best work. whatever the case may be with you, your words are put down with such clarity, and lend a vision that makes the page come alive. you are honing your skills very well Bethany.


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