Monday, May 9, 2011

Flyin' Solo in Atlanta

Here's the recap!
I started my Solo Adventure in The City by heading to Nadeau. I had been hearing about this shop from my friend Shah, and knew that would be a fun place to start. It was! It was relaxing to meander around and look at cool furniture and accessories. I decided I wanted this weekend to be all about getting away from the norm. Here's the little treat I chose, and I'm so excited to find a home for it. I thought it could sit on the ottoman, but it turns out (in the first day) that too many little drinks and crumbly snacks and scratchy toys were being stored there. Who knew they would like it as much as I do? I picked the black one, and the hand-painted detail is so pretty.

After a wrong turn into a {fancy} linen store that featured $268 hand towels, I made my way back to Lenox. The Lenox area is a great mix of stores, offices, a mall and restaurants. Way back in another life, (oh, 13 years ago) I worked for two years in the Lenox Building at Swiss Reinsurance. It was fun to be back in an area I rarely go to anymore - and to feel comfortable that I knew my way around.

In the spirit of adventure and fun, I checked into the Intercontinental, popped a champagne cork and watched Oprah. I know. Decadent, right?? :) Well, it was Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, so who could resist. And really, thank goodness Rick's Holiday Inn promo was good for the Intercontinental - because kicking back in a Holiday Inn would not have been quite so fab!

Feeling refreshed at 5:30, I did not head down to find dinner. No. That would have been far too normal, to eat at that hour of the day. Much more fun to shop at Macy's, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters until dark! That's the way a mom rebels - by not eating at her kids' dinner hour. :) After a quick bite at the bar, where I happened to sit beside two Buckhead cougars on the prowl, I headed back to the 17th floor. Time for an abnormal evening that included a long, uninterrupted soak in the garden tub, and reading in bed. If you haven't read any of Rick Bragg's memoirs about his family in Alabama, you should. All Over But The Shoutin' and Ava's Manare my favorites, and this weekend I had the final installment along - The Prince of Frogtown.

After a good sleep and a lazy morning (coffee and a book in bed - see the theme?) I was ready to slowly make my way north again. Crazy how 20 little miles can be a world away. Next I headed up to Roswell, for the annual favorite art show. It's held outside in Roswell Square, and is so picturesque with all the white tents pitched in the historic area. There are always beautiful handmade things here, from pottery to jewelry to paintings to photography. And many other crafty things in between - carved wooden dog bowls, sculptural yard art, recycled glass art...
We go to this festival each year, and since it is always on Mother's Day weekend, I usually choose a pair of earrings for my treat. This year I loved a necklace...

I wound up my Solo Tour at the library book sale. Perfect! And cheap, which was crucial by this point. :)
When I got home and gushed about how much fun it all was, Rick was a little surprised. He knew the alone time would be nice, but he didn't realize I would have so much fun. I made it very clear that this was The Best Gift, and please sir, could I have some more...


  1. Man!
    It sounds like you had an excellent bit of time alone.
    that is exactly what I like to do when I have time alone....just shop a bit (slowly), and then eat a bit, and then read, and relax!
    That was a great idea Rick had!
    He needs to write the man post and then email it out to all of the bloggy readers and their husbands... ha!

  2. WOT!?!?! An excellent gift and I know you soaked it in for all it was worth!
    Happy Mother's Day, B!!

  3. That sounds like the perfect solo trip!!! I love your shopping choices and book choices, very funny! I am going to have my hubby read your post so he'll know what to do for my next gift. Hope you are still feeling recharged and refreshed from you alone time.


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