Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gearing up

After a whirlwind early May, it ain't over yet.
Here we come, vacation! I feel like I will crash the moment we are away from home, having already accomplished a long-distance wedding trip, baseball playoffs, two boys birthday parties, pre-planning two class parties, Room Mom duties, eight teacher gifts and thank you notes (specials teachers included!), a kindergarten field trip, school Spring Fling, and Field Day - all without quitting my day job. ;-) Which, this month, has been to prepare for a first parental trip away from the brood. {Must.Think.Of.Everything.They.Could.Possibly.Need.While.I.Am.Gone!}
Rick and I leave for our anniversary trip to Puerto Rico on Wednesday (taken a month early out of grace for my mom - as it is a bit easier to watch the brood when 3 are still in school), and I am anxious and thrilled. It is hard to leave and give up care of my turkeys... They are a handful but they are MY handful...
I am giddy because this is our first trip outside of the country together, and our first trip alone in ten years. YaHOO! Eek!
And so that's what's going on....
In the meantime I have been working on a little project for myself, because why not squeeze some creativity into the mix - and it has turned out just right. Along the lines of the last post, it is a bit of inspirational decor to hang in my office. Stay tuned for that post, which should happen tomorrow, barring any complications on the home front. Ha. Ha.

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  1. The hardest part of every trip is the preparing for it! It will be so worth it when you get there. Hope you guys enjoy PR!


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