Friday, March 4, 2011

A bit of this and that

Halloo Internetz Friends!
I'm such a fair weather friend lately. And by fair weather friend, I mean when there's fair weather here, I am Out In It, and not in here rambling. Today? Not so much. March is showing its usual colors.
But the week was mostly beautiful and warm, and I rustled and scooted the monkeys outside all afternoon, every day. Then, the clouds moved in, I came to my computer and lo and behold! The dern thing would not power up. I tried all afternoon, and then walked away and let it rest for a night. I told Rick we were going to need to lay hands on it, speak in tongues and have a revival.
He blinked at me suspiciously, trying to figure out how serious I was. (How serious?! Them's big bucks to shell out! I was {kinda} serious!)
Alas, today, she got over her snit and fired up as usual.
I also realized this week just how often I say "when things slow down." The realizing part came when I admitted ruefully that "things" would not be slowing down anytime soon. If anything, the days are getting busier. And the homework time, oh the homework time...
What do you get when you scramble two tired kindergartners (yep, the teacher has phased out the nap), a daydreamy 4th grader, 2 year-old Todzilla, and a Mom juggling HW and dinner? Oh-la-la!
I have resorted to military precision, as in, Answer me, sir, yessir, is it your turn to ask me a question? Sir, nossir! You will close your mouth, Private, until I am done answering Private Two's question!
No, really.
OK, not at all. But, the tone and decibal of my voice are definitely military.
But my helpful friend Shah, she of the delightful visit to Birmingham last week, has convinced me to take Todzilla out of this flammable mix. Big Boy Time in his room, we will call it! And we will market it heavily and skillfully until he likes it, goshdarnit!
Which is why my time visiting Shah was so much fun. We solved problems, covered all the bases of Life Happenings, and stayed up late talking like we didn't have anything to do the next morning. And we didn't. A luxury for me, and one I highly recommend.
So Happy weekend to you friends, I will rein in my fair weather tendencies as spring progresses. Maybe. ;-)

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  1. See! I was just breezing through this...all that supper stuff around here can get sooo crazy!!
    I mean how many times SHOULD one write the sight words...{really}.
    Well, really, you just have to do what the teacher has told you, no?
    Talk sweet to that computer sweetly. We do it to the copier at work ALL THE TIME. She loves sweet talk. ;).


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