Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sunday Creative - Soul

It has a smile, and a voice of its own
An effortless connection
We search and long and hope to find
one or more in this life
We peer into the eye's depths
Deconstruct the words of another
For in that moment of realization
there are no doubts
These paths have crossed, and I know you well
Seems to cry out from the heart
And we don't come close to understanding
but we certainly accept
There is no substitute
for a soul mate.


Happy Monday to friends near and far! For more soul glimpses, The Sunday Creative crowd is here.


  1. I saw the prompt for Sunday Creative and thought to myself "now how the heck will I express that with a photo?" still pondering that one. sometimes it comes to me later in the week, especially if I let it go, it comes and finds me. if that happens then I'll have something to contribute! but usually I struggle with Maegan's prompts. you've done beautifully here. I love it. and I really like that you write your expression instead of using an image, when all around you people are using photographs. you create the image with words. I really admire that, and you do it so well.

  2. OK Babe...putting it right here....that's funny.
    Love this. Your words paint images and delight. I find the crossing of paths, this effortless connection with dear friends as well. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

  3. Beautifully written, as always, Bethany! You have a was of putting into words things that we don't even realize we feel!


Put it right here, babe!