Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forecaster 2.0

Last week I suggested kindergartners as the real deal, and you all took it very well. I hope you are well on your way to getting one of your very own. This week's product suggestion is the Forecaster 2.0. It should alleviate any uncertainty about the weather forecast. If you have a Forecaster 2.0, a simple glance will tell you the average temperature and humidity. You can then plan accordingly.
For example, Atlanta just experienced a weekend of severe thunderstorms and a deluge of rain. Yet from the comfort of my own home, I knew the extreme nature of the weather that was upon us, and the exact humidity index.

Take a peek at my Forecaster 2.0's reading for a day of storms, and consider getting one for yourself:

The Forecaster, (ie, a random curl on the right side of Phoenix's head) predicting rain.

Yes, out of an otherwise stick-straight mop, the Forecaster 2.0 unequivocally announces rain whenever it is on the way.
The Forecaster 2.0. Better than a bum knee.

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