Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sing cuckoo!

Spring has sprung
Sing cuckoo! cuckoo!

Bethany's birthday has begun
Sing cuckoo, cuckoo!

I fell asleep last night thinking of a character who wrote a song like this, for his lover's birthday.
(Oh, that Tom from King's Oak) So I changed it around and drifted off making a rhyme. Maybe I was six last time life was that simple, and about rhymes and giggles.
Now, it's not so simple and my thoughts don't rest. It feels strange to turn 35. Like I gots to get a move on, for some reason. Thoughts go back to my journal, and something I wrote when I was 26 or so. Today's age seemed so far away, and I thought any personal aspirations would be well on their way to realization. I'm pretty sure I said 35, as though it were a world away! And any self-respecting achiever should be done by 35, right? It makes me snicker a little now.
So much life between then and now, so many other dreams realized. Hello, 35.

My girls love to hear how I wished for twins when I was a girl, and how that dream came true. What a surprise they were! My boys fit into our mix like puzzle pieces: Cole, the true eldest and diplomatic leader. Phoenix, barreling his way into the cherished last spot, heralding that he will not be denied.
My Rick. I have been with him for almost half my life.
We met in my birthday week, 15 years ago. Call it a fluke, a coincidence, call it synchronicity. That is a story for another time. That is a story of divine intervention.

I am thinking now that it is taking all these years to become truly myself. The fullness of being must be a lifelong journey, turning us inside out in the end. We're on our way to being spirits that shine out, heedless of the skin enclosing us. That's how I feel, on this birthday. Like I should shine right out, smiling along the way.

Here's to letting our lights glow, from the inside out.
Sing cuckoo!


  1. You {glow} girl!
    I cannot wait to see you in April. :)


  2. Why yes, shouldn't we all have achieved "it" by 35? You are too funny, girl! Hope today was beautiful and happy for you, my friend!

  3. a belated happy birthday to you Bethany. the years roll by so fast and it's true what they say - the older you get, the faster they roll. I can barely remember where I was and what I was thinking at the age of 35, so you're many many steps ahead of where I was at. but it doesn't really matter - life is an evolving process. it unfolds in the most mysterious of ways. that you wished for twins and then received them is pure magic. that blows me away. have a great day Bethany.


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