Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preceding Independence

Good morning, on this fine day just before we celebrate our independence!

I've been mulling over the events of the last few weeks, thinking I had to sum up or bring the grandmother topic to a close.

I decided not to. I have more good tales to tell, and she has more posts to star in, and there you have it.

But I will bring a tad of closure, by wishing her well off in the ether, well-situated on that lily pad in the sky, and well-accompanied by her loved ones gone before. Lily pad in the sky you say? You will see. She had a penchant for froggies - and it turned into a mass collection of hilarious proportions. Frog statuary, frog mug, frog lamp, stuffed frogs, singing frogs, dancing stripper frogs - oh my holy frog, that's a lot of frogs!

So when I stepped into the church for the funeral service, and saw the door hanger proclaiming "Welcome to my pad..." dangling from the casket... out came a giggly burst. A short-lived breath of lightness on a heavy day.

Cole & I stayed in Washington just 24 hours, and I have scenes of gathering from the day. (Will post later - technical difficulties have ensued.) My brothers and I slept under the same roof for the first time in many years, at the old house. (There's a story lurking there, and I'm your girl.)

Enjoy this sweet song, courtesy of Rick. He heard it in the car, while driving through Tennessee, and it reminded him of my memories of Gig...


  1. I JUST love the door hanger detail!! Dancing stripper frogs, too? How fantastic!

  2. Bethany!!
    I love that song!
    Isn't it so sweet?
    I was gonna post about it too. ;).

  3. awww. the video has been blocked from viewing in Denmark. I've been thinking about you so much these last few days. Grieving is a process and your grandmother's life is so worth remembering! Thankfully it doesn't all have to be filled with tears! I'm sure that is the way she would have preferred to be remembered anyways!

    Sending big hugs your way!!


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