Friday, June 4, 2010

Let your plague flag fly

Does this seem like deja vu? Summertime sickness?
It is here, but only (only!) two have been stricken. I am certain of one thing - Todzilla has no plans for nursing as a career. He has tortured the two sickies by jumping on them (Stop! Their tummies are sick! Nooooooooo!), hitting them with toys, playing loud musical books right by their ears, and - worst of all - standing right by their sensitive noses with a load in his pants. The horror!
We are surviving, and C & J show signs of improvement today.

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails about my grandmother. I hope to share more favorite memories, as we pass through this time. As she would say, this getting old stuff is for the birds.

In the meantime, we find temporary relief in notable quotables from my crew. Today's quote comes from Cole, and it went something like this:

Cole, trotting downstairs with a friend this week: There once was a genie with a 6 foot weenie, and he took it to the girl next door...
Me: Cole! That's inappropriate!
Cole: Whaaat?!!
Me: Stop kidding. You know why, and I don't want the little kids repeating that.
Cole: What?! Whaddya mean??
Me, leveling a look at him: You know what I mean.
Cole: Mom, it doesn't mean what you might be thinking, if you are thinking private parts. It's about a hot dog kind of weenie. And if it makes it any better, he can take it to the boy next door. It doesn't have to be a girl.
Me, giggling uncontrollably now: No, no, never mind, the girl part is fine. So... tell me, how does the rhyme end? (I HAD to ask!)
Cole: Oh, it goes like this - There once was a genie with a 6 foot weenie, and he took it to the girl next door. She thought it was a snake, so she hit it with a rake, and now it's one foot four...

You're welcome. You and your inner child. There's a place in France...

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  1. OMGosh. That is a riot - so glad he clarified that for you!


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