Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Black!

Sorta. I mean, I do like to wear black. Mostly I'm just *back!* from *Cleveland!* I almost told you all I was going, but then I got randomly freaky about these here internets, and I deleted that part. So, hey! - we went to Cleveland to catch up with The Lear Famille. And then a best bud of mine said I had been missing in action, and in light of the recent posting, I thought Hey! I could've slipped into depression! I need to let The People know I was only in Cleveland!

So here I am and the only black today is the mood that Todzilla put me into. He was all like "Scree!Argggh!I'm SO TWO!!!" and I was all like, is there a toddler military camp handy? Tasmanian devil.

Then he fell asleep and was so dear that my eyes got teary and I forgot how awful he had been. And that is why mothers are given such short memories. The end.

I am about to spread bedtime wishes and kisses to more Learlings, but I wanted to check in before Things Begin to Happen again tomorrow. Here are the kids and some cousins from Ohio, and me with Rick's niece Marie. Are we not so totally patriotic? My SIL Mary got us all shirts, and I was part of the family, and I found it fine. Fun. Plus, me with some hollywood eyebrows going on? I love this shot. I'll be black *in* blue next time. Wearing blue, that is. I don't know why. I just like the sound of that.

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